Found Water on Mars?

Use mouse instead
of telescope

A New Star Come Out!

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Pictures above all come from internet,the copyright belong to their original owner. We just add some animation to them.


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URL and frame target sets


神秘莫测 俄罗斯圣像壁画回归故里后奇迹不断(图)



Physical Review C Home


Domain Registration - NameIT Corporation


The PHP Complete Scripts


Institute for Nuclear Theory

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We have finished the whole structure of this website,but now it is still close to public for the function of publish articles and pictures. Next step we'll do it. So the work is mainly about how to extend webookmark's function.After all done,you will be able to

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  • ,which provide supporting of contents for this website
  • ,another website driven by webookmark ,it's in the language of Chinese,and mainly service for the overseas Chinese .
  •,it's the Chinese version of this website. Differnce language,difference design,difference idea,but it's the preexistence of this website.



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In ancientry,Chinses people used Taichi/yinyang to recognize the world.Now people use the most advance technology to explore the space. People have been trying to get more knoledge of the universe, that's the reason of why people is people.

69DIGITAL try to use the most new developing technology to express the spirit of people 's exploration to unknown world.


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Some technologies have been used in this website, html, javascript, css, php, mysql, flash, java applet, etc.

Specialy, an online bookmark technology has been used to publish article, this is the unique feature of this website. It make us publish articles simply like add bookmark.